Fluid Form
사덱 라힘
Arab Contemporary ArtSadek Rahim
Title: "Changing Dreams" Date: 2009
Media: Video, 00.03.23
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Sadek Rahim (Algeria)

Sadek Rahim holds a Visual Arts MA from the Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. He returned from Europe to Algeria in 2004.

Central to Sadek's work is a social awareness and commitment to highlighting social problems such as the issue of clandenstine immigration.

His work, Facing Horizons, commissioned for an exhibition about Yves Saint Laurent in 2013, is composed of stickers that display portraits of young Algerian men. “Everywhere I go, I take pictures. I like engaging with young people in the streets. They always talk about going away, trying their luck. When I am sure one of them is a potential immigrant, I take a photograph.… ” The stickers are placed on a glass window through which one can look at the ships vanishing on the sparkling sea. Over the whole window, the artist has attached a fine black lace alluding to a filet, a mourning veil. a net, or, as the artist describes it, a spider's web “...that shines so nicely to attract insects.”

Sadek Rahim is also the co-founder of the Contemporary Art Biennale and the First Salon for Contemporary Drawings in Oran, in collaboration with the local organization CIV-oeil. Concerning his engagement with cultural politics the artist has expressed his commitment to the contemporary art and of Algeria and to promoting an awareness of contemporary Algerian art and culture internationally

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