Fluid Form

Guest Curator: Yu Yeon Kim
초대 기획: 김유연
Arab Contemporary Art 아랍현대미술전 Participating Artists:
Exhibition Venue 1 : Nemo Blue Square, Seoul, Korea 5. 21 - 5. 31, 2014 Sama Alshaibi Ziad Antar
Exhibition Venue 2: Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea 6. 3 - 7. 4, 2014 Tammam Azzam Ammar Al Beik
Co-Organizers Korea-Arab Society & Busan Museum of Art Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik Sadik Alfraji


Fluid Form II :

Arab Contemporary Art

The reality of artists from Arab countries and their diaspora is complex and defies common assumptions about what Arab culture is. The issues Arab artists confront are not only how to define their work in the context of their historical relationship to the West - but the perceptions, tempered by upheavals and conflicts, it has of Arab culture.

The vision of contemporary Arab artists presents us with a broader insight to the subtleties and concerns of modern Arab culture. Like artists and cultural practitioners internationally, they interact with networking and digital media enabling them to communicate and receive information instantly and globally through social media.

From this milieu has emerged an art that is potent in concept and expression; as political as it may also be ambiguous and poetic. Art that may embrace myths, life stories, personal experience of defeat and loss, of revolution, of constriction, of belonging and opposition.

Fluid Form II does not seek to categorize Arab art but rather to offer some cultural insight to the human, intellectual and social considerations encompassed in the work of Arab artists. In totality, the contradictory experience of this exhibition may dispense with preconceptions and excite further inquiry as to the nature of contemporary Arab culture and our shared humanity.

Yu Yeon Kim

Guest Curator

Budoor Al Riyami Safwan Dahoul
Oussama Diab Walid El-Masri
Lamya Gargash Abdulnasser Gharem
Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige Thaler Helal
Hassan Hajjaj Khaled Jarrar
Mohammed Kazem Athier Mousawi
Sadek Rahim Raeda Saadeh
Faisal Samra
제 7회 아랍문화축전 The 7th Arab Cultural Festival
공동주관: 한국-아랍소사이어티, 부산시립미술관
Co-organizers: Korea-Arab Society & Busan Museum of Art
한국-아랍소사이어티 Organizer: Korea-Arab Society
후원: 외교부, 한국국제교류재단, 주한 아랍국 대사관
Supported by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea Foundation
Embassies of Arab Countries in S.Korea
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